2020 Lake Powell during Covid

Sunrise in the San Juan ArmSunrise in the San Juan ArmHaving had to cancel two once-in-a-lifetime (that’s a bit contradictory I guess), we were desperate to do something big to fill that loss, but, we wanted to be safe in the process of doing that during Covid.

We are fortunate enough to own two means of travel that allow us to be socially distanced from everyone - our Lazy Daze motorhome and our 20-foot-Grady White. Herb has been training his whole life for Covid. He has always loved being socially distanced - being in complete solitude (except for me I hope) in beautiful scenery.

View from the ridge above our campsite in Halls Creek BayView from the ridge above our campsite in Halls Creek BayHerb’s favorite place on earth, besides maybe Yosemite, is Lake Powell. It is considered by many to be one of the most scenic lakes in the country, with its clear turquoise water surrounded by red sandstone rock formations, and hundreds of coves and canyons to tuck our little boat in for the night, far away from everyone.

“But it’s 900 miles away,” I said. “So very far to trailer a boat.” However, desperate times call for desperate measures, so I agreed. If I didn’t, I think he would have gone without me. He had a very serious case of unsatiated wanderlust.
So off we went.

You can download a detailed pdf Road Trip Travel Itinerary or zipped Microsoft Streets and Trips Travel Road Map file for this trip using the links shown below.