La Pedrera (Casa Mila)

Trip Stop: 

One of Gaudi’s trademark works and a Modernisme icon. The building is considered to be the purest of Gaudi’s interiors and to have been designed at the height of his abilities. It was also the last civil engineering project he would undertake in his career. Highlights of the tour include the large open-to-the-sky courtyard (16 floors high), a replica of one of the apartments (there was one per floor), and the best of all rooftop covered with weirdly shaped chimneys, reminiscent of Star Wars figures, and rightly so, as it was these chimneys that inspired George Lucus’ stormtroopers’ masks. There are 36 chimneys in total, some of them decorated with mosaic, stones, marble, and glass. The 6 largest ones have staircases inside and 2 of them are ventilation shafts - always coming form and function. It's a very popular attraction, so it's a good idea to buy a timed-entry ticket in advance.