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Bordertown RV Resort, NV

Monday, August 14, 2017 - 2:00pm by Lolo
175 miles and 4 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


View from our Bordertown RV siteView from our Bordertown RV siteWe had 3 nights before we had to be in Solartown - the last two of which we would be spending at Mazama Campground at Crater Lake. That left us a day in between to break up the 10 hour drive to Crater Lake.

A quick google search showed the Bordertown Casino and RV Resort, just north of Reno, near the California border. We were very much ready for electricity and a long shower, so a commercial campground with full hookups sounded very appealing. Also, appealing was the fact that there was a restaurant right nearby, so I wouldn’t have to cook in the RV for the seventh night in a row. I even had a $2 coupon.

The campground was nice enough - large pull through sites so we didn’t have to detach the Subaru and pretty views of the surrounding mountains. Our picnic table was missing the benches to sit on, but you can’t have everything.

$1 Tacos in Bordertown$1 Tacos in BordertownHerb was quite amused by how excited I was about my night on the town - I am a very low maintenance date. We strolled over to the casino / restaurant where we were hit with a wall of cigarette smoke when we opened the door. Poor Herb. We had left the fires in Yosemite behind and now this. Although there was no smoking in the restaurant, no one had told the smoke not to drift in.

We looked at the menu board and saw that it was $1 taco night. Oh boy! We asked our less than enthusiastic-about-her-job waitress how the tacos were, to which she respond with a shrug of her shoulders and a mumbled, “Eh. It depends on the chef.”

At this point, I was not going to let a mediocre review from the staff stop my bargain taco, so I ordered three and Herb ordered 5, along with a Budweiser. I have to give her credit as a restaurant reviewer. She was pretty dead on with her “Eh”.

When we received the bill for $11, we were too embarrassed to use our coupon. Herb figured if he had ordered a draft beer rather than a bottle, we could have brought our total, with coupon, down to $7 - but anything under $10 I don’t count as a date.


Bordertown Casino and RV ResortBordertown Casino and RV ResortCasino, restaurant, and RV resort located on the border between Nevada and California, just 15 miles north of Reno on Highway 395. The campground has 50 large, pull through spaces, all paved and with full hook-ups.

Bordertown RV Resort location map in "high definition"

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