2022 Pescadero & Capitola

Capitola Venetian HotelCapitola Venetian HotelHerb and I were both having a few physical issues that were putting a bit of a damper on our usual activity level.

I was on my third week of wearing a boot for an inflammation in the ball of my foot (metatarsalgia), which hasn’t improved because of my inability to sit still, so the doctor finally confined my poor foot to a boot, so I would have to rest it.

Meanwhile, Herb’s shoulder issue had not been improving, so his Physical Therapist told him to rest it for 2 weeks, trying not to do anything that might put a strain on it.

So, here we were, two mobility-challenged, normally hyperactive people, looking for somewhere to go. Normally our trips are oriented around great hikes, but since that was out of the question, we would have to adjust our plans to a less physical alternative, with scenic drives and short walks.

We made a great choice - a two-day getaway down the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) to the lovely coastal villages of Pescadero and Capitola, where the views from our car window were stunning, and I figured I could at least hobble out to a bluff or along a beach.

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