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Anchorage to Home, AK

Saturday, July 29, 2006 - 9:00am by Lolo
84 miles and 2 hours from our last stop


View from the flight homeView from the flight homeOur flight from Anchorage traced the Inside Passage and provided wonderful views of snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, and remote seaside towns. Flying is still such a novelty for me that I'm one of those passengers that likes to look out the window rather than at the movie. We even had fun eating and shopping during our 3-hour layover in San Francisco.

We had intentionally stayed awake during the first leg of the trip from Alaska to S.F., but had planned to sleep the entire second leg to Newark. Despite the aid of Tylenol PM, none of us was able to fall asleep. I think we were all too worried about flopping down or drooling on the person sitting next to us. Whatever the reason, we arrived back home totally exhausted.


Volcano from airplane windowVolcano from airplane windowFlight from Anchorage to Newark Airport with a 3-hour stopover in San Francisco

Bruce on September 2, 2010

Hey Guy,
Really glad I stumbled onto you page. I have been planning a RV trip from my home in NC to Alaska then across Canada and then back down the east coast to home.
Your information about sites and reservations will come in very handy during my preparations.

Bruce Lewis
Currituck NC

Herb on September 3, 2010

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for you comment. It's always good to hear that our website is helping others plan their own Cross Country Trips. Safe travels.

Keverzin on February 21, 2014

Loved the narrative of your trip and adventure. Heading to Alaska in August with some friends to fish and sightsee. Gives me some good ideas.
Thanks again

Herb on February 22, 2014

Hi Kevin,

Glad you found something of interest on our website. I'm jealous of your trip to Alaska in August.. I can't wait to get back. Please comment again after your trip with any updates on places we visited.

Safe Travels,

Herb & Lolo