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Commercial Campground, OH

Tuesday, August 10, 1999 - 6:00pm by Lolo
900 miles and 15 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


The next day was another long day of driving--over 14 hours. I tried to help out with the driving as much as I could so that Herb could have time to relax and grieve. The RV was very quiet. The kids were thoughtful and mellow, dealing with the situation in their own way. Herb was busy at the laptop letting his emotions out through the writing of a eulogy for his dad.

We got as far as Ohio that night--only 10 hours from home. We pulled into a commercial campground around 1:00 in the morning and slept for a few hours before making our final push for home.


Commercial campground somewhere along I70 in Ohio

Commercial Campground location map

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