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Flying J - Carmel Church, VA

Friday, April 18, 2003 - 6:00am by Lolo
345 miles and 10 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


We didn't get nearly as far as we had hoped to. The traffic in and around Washington, D.C. was so awful that we just sat there for hours. Rather than push all the way to South Carolina, we decided to give up and hope that tomorrow's drive would be better.

We found a Flying J just off I95 in Carmel Church, Virginia, which would serve our purposes just fine. I always feel safe parking overnight at a Flying J.

The kids always have to go into the Flying J store to see what kind of candy and junk they can buy. There is always an odd assortment of stuff on sale outside the store. This time there were electric scooters on sale for $199. I had to break it to the kids that dad wouldn’t be very happy trying to fit 2 electric scooters in the RV. While I was using the phones to call home, Tom decided to try his luck on one of those machines that you use a crane to pickup some stupid toy that you don’t want anyway. I interrupted my phone conversation to tell him not to bother since you never win anything good in those machines anyway. A few minutes later, he walked by me grinning and holding a really cute 2-foot high gorilla that he named Flying Joe. So much for teaching him a lesson about gambling.


Flying J's are Travel Plazas that cater to truckers and RV's. Their numerous services include gas, dump station, propane, fast food restaurant, limited groceries, and even showers and a barber shop. However, the best feature of all is the section for overnight RV parking.

They are conveniently located on most of the interstates (except for the northeast).

Flying J - Carmel Church location map in "high definition"

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