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Okemo Ski Area, VT

Wednesday, February 23, 2000 - 1:00am by Lolo
38 miles and 0.75 hours from our last stop


Okemo was a wonderful mountain, much bigger than the smaller resorts we were used to. We definitely enjoyed those long 2+ mile runs down the mountain. The day was sunny and becoming quite unseasonably warm making for some slushy conditions later in the day. However, I'll still take the sun any day when I'm skiing. The boys, who were snowboarding rather than skiing, found plenty of jump parks and half pipes to keep them entertained.

It was a great day of downhill skiing, but I think I still prefer the peace and solitude of being out in the woods on my cross country skis.


Approximately 20 miles northwest of Tree Farm, in Ludlow, is the Okemo Mountain Resort, one of Vermont's premier ski areas. For more information on trails and lift tickets, visit www.okemo.com.

Okemo Ski Area location map

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