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San Francisco North / Petaluma KOA, CA

Monday, August 10, 2015 - 9:00am by Lolo
56 miles and 1.5 hours from our last stop - 2 night stay


Hopefully, our house in New Jersey would sell in our absence, and this would be the last time we had to fly to get to our motorhome in Petaluma. We really were getting anxious to start our new lives in Sonoma County, but I was on vacation now and I didn’t want to think about realtors and potential buyers walking through our home.

Since we were leaving for Yosemite in two days to meet up with the boys and Celeste, we quickly prepped the motorhome, food shopped, and then headed down to San Francisco for a quick visit.

Tommy had just moved to San Francisco from Seattle about two weeks ago, so we were anxious to see his new apartment and how he was settling in. He was still in sticker shock at the price of apartment rentals in San Francisco. Seattle wasn’t exactly a bargain, but San Francisco rentals were getting ridiculous.

I must say that the thought of the boys living within one mile of each other again gave me a warm and fuzzy. Plus it made visiting them so much easier.

We went to dinner at one of Andrew and Celeste’s new discoveries – Café Europa, a Central/Eastern European restaurant in their Inner Richmond neighborhood. They love scouting out new restaurants and thought that Herb, who loves German food – bratwurst in particular -- would find this a close facsimile to the motherland.

The atmosphere was pleasant and we were given a large table in the back room by ourselves. The waiter was very friendly, and as he brought us our beers, he joked about not spilling them, just as he dropped an entire mug on my lap. My jeans were totally soaked, but he was so embarrassed and apologetic that I played down my discomfort. I didn’t want him feeling any worse than he already did.

Other than feeling that I had fallen in a brewery kettle, the food was terrific and the still remorseful waiter gave us lots of freebie side dishes to make up for his faux pas.

I really was saturated though, and I needed these jeans for Yosemite, so afterwards we went back to Andrew and Celeste’s apartment and threw them in the laundry. Once dry again, we said our goodbyes and headed back to Petaluma, happy that we would see each other again in just a few days.


The Petaluma KOA is an award winning camping resort located within an hour’s drive of San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma Valley Wineries, giant redwoods, and Sonoma County and California Coastal Beaches. It is considered to be the RV resort in the San Francisco Bay area.

On its 70 acres, there are 312 spacious RV sites, 32 camping cabins, and 10 Wine Country lodges.

Other amenities include:
• Guided tours of San Francisco (from May through October)
• Huge heated pool and spa
• Inflatable waterslide
• Rock climbing wall
• Huge playground
• Petting zoo
• Karaoke
• Hayrides and live weekend entertainment

The campground is open all year.

San Francisco North / Petaluma KOA location map in "high definition"

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