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San Francisco RV Resort - Pacifica, CA

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 11:00am by Lolo
66 miles and 1.5 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


Boys at San Francisco RV ResortBoys at San Francisco RV ResortAt the end of our last trip, we had discovered another option for camping nearer to San Francisco than the Petaluma KOA – not a replacement though, because as far as camping goes, the Petaluma KOA is really a nicer campground, and also, that is where the motorhome is stored when we leave.

I generally don’t care for an asphalt campground, but the views of the ocean right from our campsite atop the bluff are pretty hard to beat, and it’s only 15 miles from Andrew’s apartment in the city and only 12 to the airport.

Tommy was flying into San Francisco from Seattle pretty late, so it made sense for us to stay here after picking him up at the airport, and start driving to Yosemite in the morning.

Since Tommy wasn’t coming in until 11:00, we drove into San Francisco earlier and met Andrew, Celeste, and her parents at Planet Granite, the climbing gym Herb and I have come to love. As always, it was a lot of fun, and I think Andrew and Celeste were very amused, and hopefully proud, of their mothers’ attempts on the wall.

After climbing we had a quick dinner at King of Thai Noodle, right near Andrew and Celeste’s apartment, before heading over to the airport to get Tom. Rather than come back to the city to collect Andrew in the morning, he came with us now and camped at Pacifica as well. That way we could get an early start in the morning.

That early start I mentioned didn’t exactly happen, because Andrew realized the next morning that he forgot to mail his rent check. So, rather than tow the Subaru behind the RV, Andrew and Tommy drove in the car up to San Francisco to mail the check, and Herb and I drove towards the Oakland Bay Bridge, with the plan of meeting up again in Tracy.


The San Francisco RV Resort is located in the town of Pacifica, 15 miles south of Golden Gate Bridge. Besides being the closest RV camping to San Francisco, it is also one of the best RV parks in the Bay Area. Situated atop a 60-foot bluff, it is the only campground in the Bay area to offer oceanfront sites and daily dramatic sunsets.

There are 162 sites on paved, level asphalt. All sites, except the ocean sites, have full hookups and cable TV. Ocean sites have no hookups, but all campsites have free WiFi. Other amenities include a heated pool and spa, beach access, and a nearby fishing pier.

The sites range in price from $61 per night for an ocean, non hookup site, to $69 for full hookup. The campground is open all year round.

Melissa on June 2, 2014

You all tow a Subaru??? Which one? I just bought a Forester - to replace a Saturn VUE - I LOVE it!!!! My parents have a large - 36 ft diesel pusher RV - and they tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee that they don't love - in fact they kinda hate it, but they can flat tow it. They really like my Forester, but it's AWD so it can't be towed. (I have a small class B RV & a bike so I don't have any plans to tow a car just yet!) I think they'd buy a Subaru if it could be flat towed!

Herb on June 4, 2014

Hi Melissa,
Yes!! We tow a Subaru and love it as well. It's a 2012 Subaru Forester and the only "catch" to towing it is that you have to get the manual transmission. Then it's a simple matter of attaching it to the tow bar, putting it in neutral, hand brake off, and the key in the position that lets the steering wheel turn.
We probably have over 6000 towing miles on it, and probably less on the odometer as actual miles.
Fortunately I learned to drive on a stick shift and Lorry learned as well.
Safe Travels.

San Francisco RV Resort - Pacifica location map in "high definition"

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