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Utah to California, CA

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 2:00pm by Lolo
523 miles and 8 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


Less than 700 miles to go – Woo Hoo! Reno was about 430 miles away, so stopping there for the night would put us in striking distance to make the final push the next day.

Also, there is an excellent art museum there that currently had a special exhibit called “Tahoe: A Visual History,” which surveyed historical art of Lake Tahoe and Donner Pass, two areas that we have grown to love in our recent travels.

The exhibit was arranged chronologically and covered over 200 years of the culture and history of the Lake Tahoe area – the Native Americans who first populated this region, the infamous and tragic story of the Donner Party, the laying of the Transcontinental Railroad by Chinese laborers, the logging and mining boom, the shift to tourism and the rise of resorts in the early 20th century, and the impact of climate change on the lake’s ecosystem.

I looked on Priceline for inexpensive hotels to stay in Reno. We stopped in one that advertised a $100 price, but had so many hidden service charges and fees that the total would have been more like $180. I only knew this before being suckered in, because there was a gentleman next to me at the hotel desk screaming about his final bill. We walked out and continued driving west.

After leaving Reno, we drove for another 100 miles before finding a place to stay in Auburn, California. We were almost home – or whatever home might mean these days.

We stayed at a Quality Inn, right next to a very highly rated restaurant called Joe Caribe Caribbean Bistro and Café. It was excellent – in fact, so much so that Herb wrote his first restaurant review on Trip Advisor, raving about their fish tacos. He gave it 5 stars.


Drive from Wendover, Utah to Auburn, California

Utah to California location map in "high definition"

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