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Battlement Mesa Campground, CO

Friday, July 25, 2003 - 9:00am by Lolo
172 miles and 3.25 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


As we left Arches, I was a little sad because now the last of the highlights was over and we were on our way home--no more exciting destinations planned. The kids didn't want to hear that. They just wanted me to keep those great stops coming. I would see what I could do.

As we drove, I desperately searched the guidebooks and Woodall's to find something fun. I thought I had it--a very highly rated campground at Battlement Mesa, about 3 hours away. Woodall's rated it 5-5 (their best). It sounded great--pool, spa, recreation complex with tennis, racquetball, etc.

We pulled off the highway into the resort community of Battlement Mesa--golf courses, fancy houses, etc. So far, so good. We kept following the signs for the campground through neighborhoods where the houses got progressively smaller and smaller. Finally, we pulled into what I would describe as a pretty depressing campground. The only sign of any recreational fun was a lousy little dusty horseshoe pit. Where was the spa and the pool? The little old ladies behind the campground office desk informed me that all the recreational facilities were back down the road about 3 miles (where all the fancy houses were). Apparently, this campground was where the resort employees lived somewhat permanently. At this point it was close to dinner time and we just wanted to settle in for the night, so we selected a site and decided to make the best of it.

The kids are really good sports and usually manage to have fun no matter what we do, so they went out to have a go at the horseshoe pit. They were immediately joined in their game by a boy their age, who kept following them around repeatedly asking them how much they could bench press.

While the horseshoe game was going on, Herb went off to the campground restrooms to shower, where he was surprised to see a very prominent sign that read, "If any more light bulbs or toilet paper are stolen, we will permanently close down the restrooms"--quite a classy place.

When everyone was back in the RV, we shared our campground experiences. As we did that, we happened to glance out the front of the RV only to see our neighbor swatting herself in the head with a fly swatter. We immediately pulled down the shades and pretended we were back in Arches.


Battlement Mesa is a golf resort community located on a mesa overlooking the Colorado River about halfway between Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs. The community facilities include a swimming pool, weight room, racquetball courts, and an outdoor playground.

The 110-site campground allows access to the recreational facilities of the community, located about 3 miles from the campground.


Battlement Mesa Campground location map

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