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Arcadia Hotel München Airport, Germany

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 10:30am by Lolo
0 miles and 0 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


MaypoleMaypoleKnowing we would be exhausted, confused, and jetlagged upon our arrival, we had reserved a room ahead of time at a hotel that had a shuttle from the airport. Despite some bad reviews about their unreliable shuttle, there it was as soon as we exited the Baggage Claim area.

The hotel was fine, clean and comfortable and in walking distance to a good Italian restaurant - that’s right, it was my first night in Germany and I was going to have a pizza.

The room looked like a typical American hotel room with the exception of the bed. Rather than a single comforter on the double bed, there were two twin-sized duvets folded in half, laid side-by-side on the bed. Herb loved the concept as he often accused me of “tucking and rolling,” leaving him uncovered on many a cold night. Also, there was no flat sheet between the fitted sheet and the duvet. We would find this same setup in our Munich hotel as well.

After a quick nap, we took a walk around the small, but quaint town of Oberding, my very first German village. I just couldn’t resist posing beside the maypole. I wonder if the villagers could tell I was a tourist.

There weren’t very many restaurants in town, but fortunately there was Il Casale, a reasonably priced and highly rated Italian restaurant with a lovely outdoor dining area. I had fully expected to have bratwurst and beer on my first night in Germany, but instead we had a very tasty artisan pizza and a beer. There would be plenty of time for bratwurst later.

The next morning we took the hotel shuttle back to the airport, so we could catch a train into Munich where we would be staying for the next three nights.


The Arcadia is a 3-star hotel located in Oberding, Germany close to the Munich Airport, which offers a shuttle (charge) to and from the airport.

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