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McRent, Arcadia Hotel München Airport, and Flight Home, Germany

Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 9:45pm by Lolo
10 miles and 0.25 hours from our last stop - 1 night stay


Ready to go homeReady to go homeWe said goodbye to our "home away from home" for the last 4 weeks and called a taxi to take us from McRent to the Arcadia airport hotel, where our trip had begun - what seemed like a year ago.

To complete the symmetry of our journey, we dined at Il Casale, the same Italian restaurant as Day 1 on the trip.

The next morning it was off to the airport and the long flight home. It had been quite a journey!


The Arcadia is a 3-star hotel located in Oberding, Germany close to the Munich Airport, which offers a shuttle (charge) to and from the airport.

McRent, Arcadia Hotel München Airport, and Flight Home location map in "high definition"

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