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McRent RV Rental, Germany

Friday, May 26, 2017 - 8:00am by Lolo
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Our sweet little PosslOur sweet little PosslThis was it. The big day where we'd pick up our camper van and begin our European road trip. Herb had spent a good portion of last Fall researching motorhome rental places and vehicles and come to the conclusion that McRent was the best place (largest motorhome rental company in Europe) and that the smaller the vehicle the better to manage the narrow roads in Europe. Herb originally thought that I would prefer a larger one, because I was spoiled by our 27-foot Lazy Daze, but I too wanted as little stress as possible navigating our way around.

We decided on a Compact Standard Van with a bath and shower that would sleep 2 - more specifically, a Possl 2Win. It was pretty perfect for our needs:


The Munich McRent is not actually located in Munich, but rather in the town of Sulzemoos about 20 miles northwest of Munich. There really were no good public transportation options to get there from our hotel, so we paid $65 for an Uber.

The Campground of Herb's dreamsThe Campground of Herb's dreamsOne more trip-changing discovery we made while wandering the showroom was a huge advertisement in their lounge for Camping Marina di Venezia. The photo showed a huge campground on the Adriatic Sea with half a dozen gorgeous pools. "Is this the campground you have on our itinerary for our time in Venice?" Herb asked. Oops. We took a picture of the ad for future reference. Spoiler alert - it was the best campground we ever stayed in.

At 2:00, we returned to the rental office and began the very thorough pickup process. A woman spent about 45 minutes with us going over every detail of the vehicle. Fortunately, Herb is an engineer and also the owner of a much larger motorhome, so understanding how to work this one was not a big deal for him. I can, however, imagine how it would be a bit overwhelming for people driving a motorhome for the first time.

Excited, we set out in our new home for the next four weeks towards the first destination on our itinerary - Lake Chiemsee, about an hour and a half to the east.

Aldi Sud - Our favorite German supermarketAldi Sud - Our favorite German supermarketHowever, our first order of business upon hitting the road was stocking up the motorhome, so we stopped at Aldi Sud, a German discount supermarket recommended to us by McRent. Although we had difficulty finding what we wanted, we made due with the choices they had. Breakfast and lunch items were fairly easy, but we still hadn’t figured out what and how we would be cooking dinner in the camper. There was only a 2-burner stove - no microwave or oven like I was used to in our Lazy Daze, so we would have to figure out what worked best. We found some tortellini packages that we thought would get us started, but I was kind of freaked out by the fact that they weren’t refrigerated, as I was accustomed to. However, the prices were unbelievably low - a 6-pack of German beer for 3 euros and wine for only a little more. However, I reminded Herb that we could not live on beer alone.


A motorhome rental service operating throughout Europe that offers all kinds of motorhomes. In fact, it is Europe's largest motorhome rental company.

Here is a link to their fleet, which ranges from small camper vans to larger Class C and Class A RVs:


You can currently find McRent motorhome rental in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Estonia, Poland and Iceland.

In Germany, where we rented, they have locations in Aalen, Berlin, Berlin-Ost, Bremen, Dettingen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf/Mülheim, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Hamburg-Süd, Hannover, Isny, Karlsruhe, Konstanz, Köln/Bonn, Leipzig, Limburg, Mannheim, München, Nuremberg, Potsdam, Regensburg, Rheine, Rheinfelden, Stuttgart and Warendorf.

The contact information for the Munchen location where we rented ours is:

Ohmstraße 16
85254 Sulzemoos
Phone: +49 8135 6234020
Fax: +49 8135 6234021

McRent RV Rental location map in "high definition"

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