Dozen Quickies

Shower Clothes Bars

RV shower clothes barsRV shower clothes barsI used two varnished dowels with rubber ends that are friction force fitted into the shower skylight frame. From these we can hang wet jackets, coats, towels, etc to dry. This is especially useful in the winter when everything gets wet, and as an extra place to dry towels.

Shower Suction Cup Hooks

We attached about 10 suction cup hooks to the inside of the shower to hang bathing suits and other stuff that is dripping wet and needs to dry. Proper positioning is critical to avoid any issues when using the shower. Also, a little liquid soap on the suction cup will help them stick longer.

Fridge Thermometer

Another simple Radio Shack digital thermometer mounted on the exterior top right corner of the refrigerator door. The sensing cable is passed into the fridge by the top hinge. It is useful to help reinforce my policy of keeping the fridge door use to a minimum so as to insure a fridge temperature below 40 degrees.

Outdoor Thermometer

Radio Shack indoor/outdoor thermometerRadio Shack indoor/outdoor thermometerThis is a little Radio Shack Indoor/Outdoor digital thermometer that is mounted on the dash in front of the steering wheel. It simultaneously displays inside and outside (sensor routed outside in the shade) temperatures, and also will display maximum and minimum temperatures since the last reset. This is very useful when winter camping to settle the question of "how cold did it get last night?"

Silent Digital Clock

The stock Lazy Daze clock ticks and tocks at a sound level that can become distracting if you have succeeded in finding that isolated quiet campsite. A Wal-Mart LCD Atomic Clock for about $20 will keep perfect time, and allows for easy change of time zones. However, visibility of the clock is reduced when viewed at an angle.

Closet Door Limiters

Closet door limitersCloset door limitersWhile the closet door hinges are well made, when teenage boys are involved there is always the danger that they may be overextended and the hinges damaged. To avoid this, I used short lengths of nylon cord that were screwed into the top of the closet door frame, and inside of the closet door. When the doors are almost fully opened against the hinges, the cords become taut, and avoid any potential damage.

Better Fresh Water Hose

I wound up using a white, fresh water hose that is made for boaters that collapses flat when not under water pressure. This helps in the storage of the hose, since the water is more naturally expelled before storage, and it seems to coil easier.

I cut a 50' length into 10', 15', and 25' foot sections, and attached quick release connectors to each end. This way, I can select the most appropriate length for water hook-up, or put multiple hoses together as necessary.

In addition, I added a quick release fitting to the drain of the water tank. This way, the tank can be drained through a hose if necessary to a remote location rather than just under the rig.

Accurate Pressure Gage, Tire thumper and Infrared temperature sensor

After having changed 5 Firestone Steeltex R4X tires despite having rigorously inflated the tires to near full levels, I now thump the tires at every stop with a 2' length of black gas pipe. I wrapped a grip at the end of the pipe using 3m rubber tape, and mounted the pipe in a section of gray PVC pipe that is secured next to the driver's side seat.

The infrared gage was originally bought for about $30 from Radio Shack to check the tire temperatures in the desert. I have since found many other uses for it including checking the disc brake rotor temperature when I suspected that the pads were binding on one side.

Stick-on Map of USA and Canada

Sticky Map of USA and CanadaSticky Map of USA and CanadaWe mounted ours inside the side coach door, and left room to butt both Canada and Mexico to the US map. It has been very useful in explaining to the boys, where we are, as well as motivating all of us, to try and fill in all the blanks. It has undoubtedly led to our effort to fill in all the lower 48 states and much of Canada.

In addition, if we leave our side door open, and screen door closed it is visible to anyone else walking by the coach and usually results in a conversation about favorite places and routes taken with whoever happens to pass.

Radio Shack AC Voltage Monitors

I have a Radio Shack 120v plug-in meter that lives in the outlet over the dinette. Whenever we plug into AC, or run the generator it will let us know what the actual AC voltage is. This is useful to confirm the functionality of the generator, as well as giving an indication of a campgrounds inadequate power capacity if the voltage drops when the micro-wave or A/C is running.

A little 3 prong plug-in with 3 neon lights to confirm correct A/C polarity and grounding lives in the A/C outlet in the bathroom.

Overhead Vent Handles

The stock plastic light brown angled handles were replaced with round knobs available from Camping World. These provide a more secure grip and fit better under the winterizing isolative foam panels.

Easy Water System Purge

To make it easier to drain the water system between uses, I changed the drain plug in the hot water heater to a brass sleeve with a wing nut drain plug insert. After every trip, it becomes a simple manner to open the drain valve and release all water from the water heater.

For winterization, and a complete purge of the water system, I have a 12" length of hose that has a fitting on one end that attaches to the water system hose at the output of the water pump. The other end of the hose has a fitting for an air compressor hose at <40psi.

Using this system, it is a simple matter to open the water fixtures in sequence till all water is purged from the system. Adding RV antifreeze to the drain traps competes the process.