Kid Stuff

Playstation 2 or Nintendo Gaming Console

Family harmony is immeasurably enhanced during long driving days if the kids can be suitably entertained. I'd like them to read great literature while on the road, but I have been told that that gets old real fast, and that they need a play break. The Nintendo at first, and now the PS2 Lets the boys play computer games on the TV while we make some time down the highway. It also lets them watch a DVD for entertainment if necessary.

It's powered from a small inverter mounted in the same compartment. I made extension cords for the controllers, and routed them behind the valances around the back of the coach. This way, the wires are not in the way when the young are gaming.

Kidproof Rugs in Foyer and Bath Entrance

It's unreasonable to expect the young to remove their footwear if they just need to come into the RV to pickup something, or visit the bathroom. We installed exterior carpeting on the steps, and into the foyer and in the space between the bath and closet. They are not very aesthetically pleasing, but they are very functional. When winter camping and with 4 pairs of icy ski-boots the mats proved their worth.

Hope on June 26, 2010

Herb and Lolo,
Where did the boys and you sleep in the RV over the years? What did you do when they got BIGGER? We do hear that happens. Did you modify the RV? We have a 2004 Winnebago (from the picture of Tommy & the Towels, I see it is the same upholstery as the one you used in Alaska) Presently, because they often sleep while we drive, our boys sleep in the bed. As they get older, and we get even more decrepit, we will need more sleep then they. We need a strategy.

Which brings me to the next question: What time of day do you generally drive? How do you juggle driving vs sightseeing?

And finally, because I could find no other place to post this: Would you be willing to share favorite camping recipes that your family has come to love over the years? I'm sure it is healthy. From the looks of you folks, you don't do the Twinkies and Cheeto's run to the Wawa.

Lolo on June 27, 2010

The sleeping accommodations do get a bit tight for teenagers. When Andrew and Tommy were about 13 and 11, Andrew decided to move out of his shared bedroom over the cab and move to the dinette. It's just a little more inconvenient to have to open it and close it each day, but it has worked and has salvaged brotherly harmony.

We usually drive from mid-morning to about 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon. We like to get into a campsite to have some time to do a bit of an activity--run, swim, or whatever--before settling down to dinner.

I have to laugh about sharing the camping recipes as I am not exactly the best cook. We try to eat fairly healthy, but we all do eat quite a lot--not Twinkies, but I have never met a chocolate chip cookie that I didn't like. We pretty much eat whatever and how much we want, but we are very active. We usually run about 5 miles a day and often bike and hike as well.

Thanks for the comment and Happy Travels.